How to Deliver Dynamic Presentations

Workshop Overview

Do you feel terrified of speaking English in public? Do you worry that you give a negative impression when you speak ? Do you want your audience to understand and remember your message clearly and effectively?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions this course is for you!

This workshop will teach you how to gain real confidence in presenting in English. You will go through the fundamentals of identifying your audience, organizing the key points you want to communicate in a clear structure, optimizing the power of your voice to handling Q&A confidently.


The workshop focuses not only on key language and expressions, but also public speaking techniques which will help your audience to not only pay attention to you but also help them to remember the key points of your presentation and overall make a positive, professional impression.


During this practical and engaging workshop you will participate in a range of group activities and roleplays and be given constructive feedback at every stage.


The workshop is aimed at participants with a B1-C1 level of English.

Previous presenting experience is not necessary.

We are flexible and can offer this workshop over two days or four half days.