We are a team of experienced language trainers based in Barcelona.

We design and deliver quality training solutions to meet your professional needs in English.

We devise effective learning solutions



Take time to really understand the needs of your personal and company’s goals.


Work with you to decide your organisation’s training priorities.


Define and create effective training courses and workshops that match your requirements at organisational, team and individual level.

We deliver topnotch training

We provide…


Dynamic language and skills based training programmes


Interactive and hands-on skills workshops


Challenging group and individual coaching programmes

We generate performance improvement



Work relentlessly to create innovative and relevant course content where inspiration and integrity come together to generate positive learning outcomes.


Endeavour to deliver tangible results for the benefit of your organisation

We provoke inspiration and change



Strive to deliver training solutions that motivate you to put into practice what you’ve learnt.


Enhance your performance in the workplace.